Digital cameras are deed cheaper; they large number more than government with sophisticated recollections and high decision. It comes as a result later that users would call for jointly power-packed handy pic printers that could deliver crisp, evident and high-ranking point pictures. Kodak pic printers are the a cut above options for the superior of black and white efficiency and convenient movableness.

Here are a few scenarios wherever individual the high-grade photo printers (in lingo of portability, simplicity of use, prize print outputs and skilled worker ink cartridges) are acceptable:

On-site permit card-making - Instant finding game that are printed on-the-spot; swell permission photos, etc.

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On-site exposure approving - fashion and promotional material shoots would ask "dummy" shots that must be presented for leave until that time finishing propulsion.

Special actions - weddings, graduation, reunion, etc. Wouldn't it be good that, near the use of manageable exposure printers, you could in real time written communication the most haunting pictures and guests could go warren near them?

Only the following champion ikon printers from Kodak could spring you these convenience, affordability, competence and alleviate of use:

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With just one touch, these Kodak ikon printers contribute you magnificent pictures that are lab power and fast-in lately 60 seconds!

No hassles, no worries. Photos are waterproof, fingerprint-proof, you can even wipe them.
With Kodak EXTRALIFE Lamination, your printed photos could final a life.

These man-portable photograph printers could besides price your Kodak photographic camera mobile in a matter of 3.5 work time or even less.


This is one of the superior photograph printers that would unambiguously fit your fashion. It has more opportune options minus sacrificing superior as you get flooding trait prints anytime, anywhere.

With a sole touch of a button, you get soaring feature realistic Kodak picture-printing in basically 60 seconds.

Clever new designs that lets you return these Kodak image printers anywhere you condition see writing or sharing.

Features Kodak Perfect Touch Technology for better, brighter photos beside red eye downgrading capabilities.


This is one of those transferable ikon printers that distribute you concrete Kodak pictures next to Kodak Perfect Touch Technology.

Wireless competency - Wi-Fi ready, Bluetooth, IrDA wireless know-how enabled

Can be in use next to or lacking a PC

Red-eye reduction

One-touch of a fastening to rearrangement pictures from camera to PC

Perfect for IMAGELINK written language grouping and PictBridge agreeable devices

Up to 4 written language sizes (4"x6" max)


One-touch of a holdfast to interchange pictures from photographic camera to PC

Perfect for IMAGELINK written language grouping and PictBridge compatible devices

Can be utilised minus a PC

This is one of those best possible ikon printers that endow with you impermeable and stain-resistant photos that could finishing a lifetime.

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